5 Important Truths about a Beekeeping Suit

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Beekeeping can be a very rewarding and greatly satisfying activity and it has attracted very many people to take part in it on a regular basis. At any one point in time, there are people who are either consuming honey, harvesting honey or in one way or another dealing in honey. This simply points to the fact that beekeeping is actually a widespread activity. Beekeepers are almost always aware about the requirements and demands that the practice has in store for them. When it comes to the attire or beekeeping suit, there are 5 important truths that every beekeepers must bear in mind.


1. Not Complete Protection


As much as beekeeping without a suit is a dangerous thing, the mistake should not be made to think that the suit offers full protection from bee stings. Having the beekeeping suit may provide great protection but it also does have its let downs because a bee might sneak into the suit somehow and cause a lot of trouble.


2. How the Suit is Designed


A beekeeping suit should be made of material that is compatible with the whole activity of beekeeping. First of all, the material should not be heavy since it might create heat problems during the process of beekeeping. It is advisable to use either cotton or polyester to make the suit because those two provide a great kind of material for the beekeeping suit.


3. Facial Protection


While the suit will properly protect the body, there is need for the fact to be protected as well. Any beekeeping suit should by all means have some kind of protection on the face. A veil is usually fixed on the upper part of the suit to ensure that the facial areas are protected. Also, the veil helps the person wearing the suit not to run out of breath as it provides suitable breathing for them.

4. What it looks like


The beekeeping suit should look and feel comfortable on the body of the person wearing it. This simply points to the fact that the suit should be the right size for the person wearing it; not too small or too big and it should cover the vital parts, i.e. the face and the upper part of the body. For suits that are not complete body suits, there is need to have a pair of trousers prior to wearing the beekeeping suits.


5. The Gloves


No beekeeping suit will be as effective if there are no gloves. While the suit protects the entire body, the gloves simply ensure that the hands are safe from the bee stings.


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Get the “10 Essential Steps To Beekeeping” , a must have FREE newsletter mini course at www.beekeepingguidecenter.com

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