Beekeeping Courses- Tips to Raising Bees in Your Backyard

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 In this beekeeping course I will share some tips on how raising bees in your backyard close to your neighbors, can be done safely. This can be one of the biggest problems for beekeepers. Most people think of bees and all they think of is getting stung, which is understandable. It’s best for you to check with your neighbors and let them know what you are planning to do and also check your local laws to see if there are any restrictions in your area on keeping bees.


  • Build a Fence- If you live close enough for your neighbors to see your hive, you need to build a fence around the hive so that it can’t be seen. This not only gives some comfort to your neighbor, but the higher the fence will also keep the bees from flying higher and not down at level where people and pets are walking. This will also protect your hives from strong winds. Eventually by not seeing your bee hive your neighbor will forget all about it.

  • Sufficient Water- Be sure to keep an good supply of water at the hive so that your bees don’t have to look for hydration at your neighbors kiddie pool. Your water needs to be in shallow pans with gravel in the bottom or something for the bees to perch on. Bees do not hover when they drink, they perch. You can purchase water jar feeders from your local livestock supply stores and there very inexpensive to purchase. Change the water weekly from the feeders, giving your hive fresh water.

  • Insure Your Neighbor- Insure your neighbors that everything is under control and that they have nothing to worry about. Bring them over and show them your hive and how gentle your bees actually are. Be kind and don’t forget to give them a jar of honey to help win them over.

 Beekeeping courses such as this will insure that you get along with your neighborhood and that you maintain healthy hives. Happy Beekeeping




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