Beekeeping Information Before You Get Started

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Beekeeping requires certain skills, not everybody gets to take care of bees in a position, should be done well. It is not enough that you have read the books about beekeeping. You’ll see, but this information can not be for you, beekeeping in sufficient force.

To purchase books and expert advice on the need for beekeeping, beekeeping information to the plan from the beginning, to help a beekeeper, a bee would be better to know before buying the team, particularly from another beekeeper, devices must be examined by a top professional.

The books should be read if the distinction that comes with the bees, the queen, the drones are leaders, and, of course, a beekeeper can tell, except for workers. Basic information on how to set the hives are obtained by reading books. Apiary information before it is finally in a major.

Beekeeping for the year

sufficient knowledge or information about beekeeping is necessary because it can affect different climatic conditions, beekeeping. A beekeeper should be able to adjust at any time or in any other season.

In winter, when bees are put out, really is not much I can do to support the position of the bees. No need to worry, because even though the dam is covered with snow for ‘a bit, the bees can survive. However, if the bees are inside, make sure the temperature is low and consistent. Maintain a temperature of 5 ° C to bees, and there must be adequate ventilation in their hives. When the bees leave their hives and die in this season, which is actually a normal event.

In the spring, the beekeeper, be sure to check the status of the bees. Make sure that the queen and the eggs are still looking for signs of disease of bees. The beekeeper must ensure that there is still sufficient supply of nectar that will last until the next pollination. The agreement also must be given medication every two weeks to make sure that there are diseases that invade the colony. A new super-added when the bees covered seven of the statistics should also be higher. From June 10 should be discontinued medical treatment, this is to ensure that bees are no longer under the influence of drugs at the time of the first harvest.

For the summer, when approaching the month of July, illustrated by super white frames in the colony, the purpose of the white part is keeping up with the honey in the hive. For the work of bees, frames should be enough to keep the honey. When all images are full and then half of the cells are sealed with wax, it’s time to extract the honey.

In autumn, when the spikes were removed honey, bees have a tendency to die. Start to treat the colony at this time, feed the bees with sugar and water, and make sure the bees to an adequate supply until winter has. Power of the colony must be completed before the end of September and October, two extra weight, honey, bee pollen and at least 125 pounds. Before the winter back to the last time, the bees must be moved within, or otherwise, the plan must be moved to protect them during the winter.

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