Home Grown HONEY!

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It’s me in the kitchen with some of the gorgeous dripping sweetness of our homegrown food. Join my family as we make dinner! It’s soo healthy you will want to cry from your unsatiated drooling. We cared for the bees who made this honey comb for a year of drought before a wonderful rainy winter and spring brought them such heavy nectar flows that we just had to eat some ourselves! I looove insects, and bees have got to be my favorite. We crushed and strained the rest of the comb and jarred up lots that night. Later I melted the wax in my sun oven and strained out the cocoons… and made hand salve and lip gloss with the wax. Ultimate yumminess!!!!! These bees and their queen are from B. Weaver Apiaries. www.beeweaver.com

Source: YouTube

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