How Do Bees Make Honey Wikianswers

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Wikipedia The Sign Of The Beaver – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Wanting to sweeten his bland diet, Matt raids a honeybee hive for honey and is attacked by the furious bees. Attempting to escape the swarm, he jumps into a creek, losing a shoe and hurting his ankle in the process. … Read Article

About Ground Bees – How To Control Ground Bees
Female ground bees can sting, but rarely do. Ground bees are not aggressive. However, they will sting in defense if threatened. Honey Bees. 10 Facts About Honey Bees; Roles Within the Honey Bee Colony; Communication Within the Honey Bee Colony; … Read Article

About Environmental Issues – Biodiversity And Conservation
How environmental issues affect biodiversity–the many species of plants and animals on the planet. Learn about conservation efforts to maintain biodiversity around the world. … Read Article

Wikipedia Rambutan – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Among the Diptera, Lucilia sp. is abundant and among the Hymenoptera, honey bees (Apis dorsata and A. cerana) and the stingless bee genus Trigona spp. are the major visitors. Apis cerana colonies foraging on rambutan flowers produce large quantities of honey. … Read Article

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Pollinated by carpenter bees in the Galapagos. WikiAnswers ( 2. "Cultivated for: Timber, shelter, shade, firewood; honey source." 2. … Doc Retrieval

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