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Welcome to my blog about the life of bees. I have recently become fascinated with bees. As a child I was always so scared of them as I didn’t want to get stung. I once grabbed a big bee in my hand when I was about five years old. I did it out of pure curiosity, and never forgot that sting in the palm of my hand. Now I am still curious, not so naive and seeing bees in a whole new light.

The bees have been disappearing. There could be many reasons for this: the use of pesticides, the reduction in flowers that produce food for bees, diseases, cell phone towers and even global warming. The greenhouse effect causes pollution, weather extremes, temperature fluctuations, changes in radiation levels and more. The bees, as with all of life, are being affected by all this. The bees disappearing may be a sign for us that our environment is fragile…and being damaged.

Without the bees, our survival is at risk. Bees ensure that plants will breed and produce fruits for food. Without the bees, hunger on the planet will increase. We need to protect our environment, and these vital insects that dwell in it. Everything under the sun has a purpose. The disappearance of the bees could easily determine our destiny!  Saving our precious environmental ecosystem is the way we will ensure the survival of all living creatures on this planet, including us humans.

Did you know that most of all beekeepers are now women? A beekeeper woman told me recently that women vibrate energetically well with bees, and are intuitively able to discern the energy in beehives better than men….sorry guys.

I hope you will use this site to appreciate the vital need to protect our bees, shop for some bee books to learn more and enjoy your visit.

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